Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Named Official Charity of SimCraft

  • SimCraft Simulators Installed at Foundation’s New Education Advancement Center
  • Driving Improvements in Human Performance with SimCraft


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (October. 2, 2017) – SimCraft, a cutting-edge motion technology company based in Marietta, Georgia, has named the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer its official charity.


The Austin Hatcher Foundation recently installed two SimCraft simulators for its new Education Advancement Center (EAC). The EAC is facilitating an expansion of programs and services provided to young cancer patients at no cost. The use of driving simulators has been used by various institutions world-wide to increase multi-tasking performance, mental processing speed and visual attention. Nationally driving simulators have been used to test and treat adults with brain injuries. The foundation will apply the driving simulator technology to help pediatric cancer survivors who are battling cognitive impairment resulting from cancer and it’s life-saving treatments. Through the use of driving simulators and specified therapies the foundation is working on improving executive function in the areas of working memory, processing speed and effective problem solving in ways that apply directly to real world settings and can improve their chance to survive and thrive into adulthood. These therapies are not limited to the child with cancer but are also available to their siblings and other family members. In addition, the driving simulators will provide the opportunity to practice and develop realistic driving skills which are complex and must be practiced to be learned well.


This announcement represents a natural addition to the foundation’s long-running relationships with various companies that have synergies with the auto racing and automotive industries. SimCraft’s motion technology integration with various software platforms include iRacing. In addition, SimCraft’s “City Car Driving” is a drivers education software platform designed to teach the fundamentals of street driving, including realistic scenarios designed to help learn traffic rules effectively and raise driving skills. The SimCraft motion architecture is derived directly from measured physics. With the use of proper mechanics and the combination of vehicle dynamics, terrain orientation, and changing track conditions, SimCraft motion technology can provide the type of feedback necessary for entry level driver’s education to advanced race car driver development and training.


“These simulators will greatly enhance our Human Performance Improvement Program,” said Austin Hatcher Foundation President Amy Jo Osborn. “This new partnership with SimCraft is coming at a perfect time for the foundation as we try to broaden our capabilities to help young people battling cancer.”


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