Dr. April Nesin Named Chief Psychologist And Director Of Hatch’s House Of Hope For Austin Hatcher Foundation For Pediatric Cancer

Dr. April Nesin has been named the chief psychologist and director of Hatch’s House of Hope for the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer, the foundation’s board of director’s announced Tuesday.

Dr. Nesin has worked as a psychologist with the Austin Hatcher Foundation Since 2014. She is also an assistant professor of Clinical Education, Department of Pediatrics, University of Tennessee College of Medicine at Chattanooga and is a member of and serves on the Behavioral Science and Cancer Control Steering Committees for the international Children’s Oncology Group.

For the prior nine years Dr. Nesin was a pediatric psychologist at St. Louis (Mo.) Children’s Hospital where she also served as a clinical instructor in Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine.  Dr. Nesin received her doctorate at the University of Maine.

The Austin Hatcher Foundation provides a variety of services to young cancer patients and their families at no cost – all services are paid for by donations received by the foundation. “Hatch’s House of Hope is focused on restoring and maximizing the emotional, academic and social development of the child, family members and family unit after a diagnosis of pediatric cancer. Although this process focuses on the child with cancer, optimum recovery from the toxic but life-saving oncologic treatments may not be reached without addressing educational, academic and parenting issues that may exist within the household prior to the onset of cancer. 

“Services are tailored to individual needs and are offered beginning at the diagnosis of cancer and provided throughout the child and families’ lifespans. Psycho-Oncology services are performed by certified therapists and licensed psychologists and provided through the foundation’s Pediatric Oncology Center, Hatch’s House of Hope, and through collaborative efforts at pediatric oncology centers across the United States,” officials said.

“This is a very significant and exciting appointment for our organization,” Jim Osborn, chairman, board of directors said. “Dr. Nesin has dedicated her life to helping children and families affected by pediatric cancer. Her expertise and her enthusiasm align perfectly with our mission – to eradicate the effects of pediatric cancer.”

“I am passionate about providing services and care to children and their families,” Dr. Nesin said. “And the fact that we are able to provide services at no cost is very important because it allows us to do things that [standard] insurance coverage would not allow, without placing the financial burden on the families.  Also, the focus of providing the services for the patients’ and families’ entire lives is very special.”


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESApril Nesin Pictured here with Her husband Chris!