Flight of Passage • Charity Flight




Our very own Dr. April Nesin, clinical psychologist here at the Austin Hatcher Foundation, is about to embark on an historic cross-continental flight. She is taking flight alongside pilot and husband Chris Nesin on a memorial flight in commemoration of the Buck brothers, who in 1966 were the youngest people ever to fly a plane across the country. Chris Nesin is a corporate pilot and has always been inspired by the book “Flight of Passage” written by Rinker Buck, the youngest of the two brothers. Dr. April and her husband will be following the route that the Buck brothers followed, making all the same stops as the brothers. They will be departing from New Jersey on the weekend of June 22 and will be fly in 250 mile stints, stopping to stretch and refuel the plane. The Nesin’s final destination is in the Los Angeles, California area some 2-3 weeks following their departure.

The Nesin’s Piper Cub PA11, the original plane from the Buck brothers’ journey, was restored to its former glory by Chris himself, whose inspiration came directly the youngest Buck’s book. The restoration of the of the Piper Cub PA11 was completed with the assistance of volunteer laborers as well as the contribution of donated parts just in time for the historic recreation of the original journey.

When Dr. April was asked what she and Chris hoped to achieve through this journey, she responded, “We just want to have fun, revitalize interest in general aviation, and to raise awareness about children’s cancer.”

Though they are not in need of funds for their flight, they would love to have supporters and sponsors make donations to the Austin Hatcher Foundation to commemorate the journey.



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