Psycho-Oncology Center

Hatch’s House of Hope is a landmark pediatric cancer care center providing children and their families with the tools needed to cope and thrive at the onset of pediatric cancer, as well as the skills essential to live meaningful and productive lives as cancer survivors. The comprehensive services offered at no cost to families by Hatch’s include: problem-solving skills training, individual counseling, group counseling, martial counseling, family counseling, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hippotherapy, music therapy, art therapy, academic coaching, school support in implementing an Individual Intervention Plan (IIP), social skills training, cognitive skills remediation, respite care, financial counseling, and diversionary therapy events for family enrichment. Services are provided from diagnosis through treatment, during remission, and into adulthood.

Who is eligible for comprehensive psychological/neuropsychological evaluation at Hatch’s?
Anyone who has been diagnosed with pediatric cancer, or who has an immediate family member that has been diagnosed with pediatric cancer, within the last 6 months is eligible for a psychological evaluation at Hatch’s. Formal medical documentation is required. 
Re-evaluations for guests who have previously been evaluated at Hatch’s will also be made available every 18-24 months following their initial evaluation.

How do I schedule an evaluation at Hatch’s?
If you believe you are eligible for a psychological evaluation at Hatch’s, we would like to serve you. Please call 423.243.3471 or send us an email.

Who conducts the evaluation/direct testing?

In accordance with laws in the State of Tennessee, all psychological/neuropsychological evaluations at Hatch’s are completed by licensed doctoral-level psychologists. Our psychologists have been formally trained to evaluate, diagnose, and provide therapy for children and adults. 

What should I tell my child about before their appointment?
Explanations will vary depending on the age and maturity of the child. Generally, you may want to explain that, because nobody has the same brain, the evaluation will give information about how their unique brain “works.” Emphasize that many children have evaluations and that this does not mean that there is “something wrong” with them. Reassure your child that this process provides information to help make school/life easier for them. It is best to present an evaluation as different “activities” and avoid using the word “games” because they may be disappointed that many of the tasks are like school and/or they may not give as much effort if it is just a “game.” It is also recommended to avoid using the word “test” as this may unnecessarily increase their level of anxiety and gives them a false idea that they should know the answer to every question.
At the beginning of the testing, the psychologist will explain to the child what is expected of them during the session. They will be told that they will be asked to do many different “activities.” Some of these activities will be similar to things they do at school and other activities will be new and not at all like schoolwork. The psychologist will also explain that, for each activity, the questions start off easy and get more difficult as the activity progresses; however, they should remember that the activities are designed so that no one knows every answer and they are only required to try their best on every item. The activities change frequently and include things such as drawing, looking at pictures, and answering questions verbally. 

What is the cost for an evaluation and follow-up services at Hatch’s?

Evaluations and all follow-up services Hatch’s are provide at no cost to the guest or their family. Insurance plans are not billed. All services provided at Hatch’s are funded entirely by donations provided to the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer, a 501-C3 public charity. 

Is my family’s privacy protected?
Detailed confidentiality and privacy guidelines are provided in the New Guest Information packet and will be reviewed with all guests at the first appointment.  
To ensure guest privacy, Hatch’s operates strictly under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). HIPAA ensures standards for the privacy of health information and how it can be used and disclosed. Therefore, information shared with psychologists at Hatch’s is generally confidential and may be legally privileged; however, we reserve the right to share information with other Hatch’s staff for the purpose of providing appropriate services. There are exceptions to confidentiality that are allowed or mandated by law, and these exceptions include but are not limited to: child abuse, elder abuse, danger to self, threats to harm others and childhood victim of a crime. We will inform you directly if an exception to confidentiality seems to apply. Rarely, records may be required as part of a legal proceeding. Consent to observe a child at school also grants consent for the psychologist to discuss your child with his/her teacher(s). Electronic forms of communication (e.g., fax, e-mail, cell phone) have risks that may compromise confidentiality. Even with appropriate security, use of computers also entails some risk. Every precaution has been taken to prevent breaches including the use of usernames and passwords, a secure web site, firewalls and encrypted data. If there are any questions or concerns about our privacy and security policies, please send us an email. 

Where is Hatch’s located?
Hatch’s is conveniently located in the Erlanger Medical Mall  979 E. 3rd St. C-232, Chattanooga, TN 37403.  Parking is available in the parking deck located next to the Erlanger Medical Mall on 3rd Street. There is a $1/day charge to park in the deck (cash or check only). Hatch’s does not provide reimbursement or validation for parking.   

Hatch’s is within walking distance to the Ronald McDonald House of Chattanooga and T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital. Within the Erlanger Medical Mall, there is a First Tennessee Bank, Erlanger’s Cancer Resource Center, Lab Corp, and an active food court (Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, China Bowl).