Healthy Lifestyle Education Division

“Putting kids in the driver’s seat to WIN life’s race by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.”





The Healthy Lifestyle division is to equip children with the knowledge necessary to make healthy lifestyle choices while reducing their risk of cancer tomorrow. The division addresses four key risk factors that contribute to 65% of all adult cancer diagnosis. The four risk factors addressed are: nutrition, tobacco prevention, exercise and sun safety (skin cancer prevention). The “Fueling Potential: Racing to Win” program which teaches children in grades K-5 to imagine their bodies as a race car and provides four interactive teaching stations. Children learn how to provide their race car with the best fuel (by choosing appropriate foods), keep their engine strong (by exercising appropriately), providing optimal performance (saying no to tobacco products) and by keeping their car bright and shiny (taking the appropriate sun safety precautions). Fueling Potential: Racing to Win is taught both in elementary schools and at community events by licensed teachers employed by the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer.

To lower your risk of cancer:

  • Eat healthy
  • Be physically active (reach and maintain a healthy weight)
  • Practice sun safety
  • Do not use tobaccor or tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco)

*State of Tennessee Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2009-2012

“The Fueling Potential Racing to Win Program is extremely beneficial to all the students in our school district.  With the curriculum moving to National Common Core Standards the need for health and wellness education is imperative.  This program is provided by a certified teacher with knowledge in the areas of cancer prevention, nutrition, and physical fitness.  The students actively participate in various games and discussions about cancer prevention and overall health and wellness. I would like to see this program continue to grow in Hamilton County so that all students can have the benefits of a quality educational experience.”

Donna Lilley McConnell
Elementary Physical Education Teacher”