2015 Mobil 1-12 Hours of Sebring



It is going to be an exciting week during the 2015 Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring.

Find the Austin Hatcher Foundation at the following locations and events!


  1. 12 Noon – Meet at the Tequila Patron ESM Transporter for a LIVE Auction of Race Memorabilia
  2. 3:45pm – Meet at the Corvette Corral as Doug Fehan auctions off an original Roger Warrick Painting


  1. 8:45am – Families from the Austin Hatcher Foundation get a chance to ride around the track for a Parade Lap.  Make sure to be watching and wave!
  2. 5:30pm – Meet at the BMW Corral for a LIVE auction of Unique BMW Race Parts!
  3. 6:00pm – Audi Sport Customer Racing is hosting a silent and live auction all week, ending at 6pm Saturday! Roger Warrick is doing an original LIVE!  Don’t miss it!

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