2Wheels4Kids Taking a New Direction for 2013

The Extra Mile

When Riders and Clubs Rise to the Occasion

By Jack Broomall; “Reprinted courtesy of the BMW MOA Owners News”


Just about a year ago, I was wrapping up my 11,500-mile 2 Wheels 4 Kids charity ride to the four corners of the U.S. (October, 2012 BMW ON “Extra Mile”). A month on the road had left me physically exhausted and emotionally drained, yet delighted the ride had been completed without drama. Having reached all of my awareness and fundraising goals in support of the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer (www.hatcherfoundation. org), I was mentally primed to close the books on 2 Wheels 4 Kids.


BMWONJULY2013_Extra Mile 2w4k story

Rider Jack Broomall leaving the start line for a record-setting pass at the Bonneville Salt Flats.


Though I viewed 2 Wheels 4 Kids (2W4K) as a “one shot” undertaking, my good friends Jim and Amy Jo Osborn from the Hatcher Foundation and Justin Prann from Pandora’s European Motorsports (www.pandorasmotorsports.com) had different ideas. Knowing my personal commitment to the foundation and to kids’ charities in general, they brought their persuasive skills to bear and encouraged me to continue 2 Wheels 4 Kids as my own personal charity “brand.” While flattered that they viewed my efforts as successful, I protested that I had neither the time nor the personal resources to spend a month on the road each year, or to go traipsing off to Alaska for weeks as I had done in 2009. Ultimately, though, I elected to keep 2 Wheels 4 Kids going, with the idea that subsequent events or activities might take on new and different forms. So what could we do in 2013?


A comprehensively disassembled S1000RR. Preparation for competition involves alot of work.

A comprehensively disassembled S1000RR. Preparation for competition
involves alot of work.


Let’s take a quick detour here and fill you in on some pertinent background information. Aside from long distance riding, I’m involved in a variety of other motorcycling activities. With the help of some great partners, I’ve been fortunate to establish several motorcycle land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats. I’ve scored class records on a variety of motorcycles from 750cc to 1650cc and have earned membership in the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club. All of this has come on, ahem, “other” brands of bikes. In the meantime, I have watched enthusiastically as friends and competitors like 1000cc Production Class record holder Charlie Van Valkenburg, Valerie Thompson, Andy Sills and Erin Hunter did magnificent things at Bonneville on the S1000RR.


BMWONJULY2013_Extra Mile_image3

S1000RR engine trusted to the hands of master engine builder Steve Knecum. All those certificates on the wall are national or world records!


While brainstorming potential 2 Wheels 4 Kids programs for 2013, one of my more astute supporters posed the following obvious question: “Why don’t you just take a BMW to Bonneville?” Eureka! Here was a new and manageable 2013 project that could continue the 2 Wheels 4 Kids legacy. As a bonus, I’d continue to compete at Bonneville and get some quality seat time on an S1000RR. By New Year’s Day all the key stakeholders were fully committed to the plan – the 2013 edition of 2 Wheels 4 Kids would be an attempt to set Bonneville land speed records on a BMW S1000RR. In partnership with Pandora’s, 2 Wheels 4 Kids would once again be dedicated to supporting the Austin Hatcher Foundation. The fact I didn’t actually have an S1000RR was readily rectified, as Pandora’s stepped up with a bike from their used inventory at a price not to be refused.

There was another minor problem that required resolution sooner rather than later. In what class should I compete? The good news is that at Bonneville, there’s a class for almost everything. I didn’t really want to interfere with the efforts of Charlie, Valerie and other BMW friends in the production and partially streamlined categories. Then something happened that really caught our attention. Mid-winter, an issue of Cycle World arrived featuring a cover photo of a very cool, naked S1000RR from Wunderlich. I’m more than a little predisposed to the naked streetfighter look. My first Bonneville record, in 2008, came on a naked bike, and I also gained entry in the Bonneville 200 MPH Club on a naked bike. Mesmerized by the hooligan look of that Wunderlich RR, we agreed that we’d build our own unique naked S1000RR and that I’ll compete for the naked 1000cc records in both major Bonneville sanctioning bodies, the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) and the AMA.


BMWONJULY2013_Extra Mile_image4

The 2 Wheels 4 Kids “Naked” S1000RR being prepped
for competition at the Bonneville Salt Flats.


Beyond the partnership with Pandora’s, a number of long-term supporters like RevZilla.com, Worldwide Bearings, Kryptonite Lock and Pit Bull have all re-enlisted. New partners like Brock’s Performance and Ballistic Performance Components have come on board as well. A number of these corporate sponsors, as well as individuals, have stepped up as pledge partners and committed to donate one dollar per mph based on our highest recorded speed. Already in hand are commitments that, if we do our job in capturing the targeted class records (all in the 185mph range), several thousand dollars would come in for the Hatcher Foundation. Solicitation of additional supporters continues.

Later this fall, when it’s all said and done, we plan on donating our special S1000RR to the Austin Hatcher Foundation. Hopefully record certificates, trophies, dynamometer sheets and the requisite chunks of the legendary salt falling from the underbody will go along with the bike. The Foundation will, in turn, dispose of the bike via auction, raffle or other means, and those proceeds will go to support the Foundation. Someone will end up with a fast and unique S1000RR with a great backstory. Stay tuned for more details!

As for now, we’re deep into the preparation process. The highly modified engine is just back from master engine builder Steve Knecum. Next up is a trip to the dyno for tuning and maybe even a visit to the wind tunnel. As Brock Davidson of Brock’s Performance says, we’re going to have power sufficient to go “stupid fast.” Hopefully we’ll also have a rider (me) who’s up to the task. Entries have been filed for the 65th Annual Bonneville Speed Week, Aug. 10–16, and also for the 10th BUB Speed Trials on Sept. 25–29. You can keep up to date on our activities and results at www.2wheels4kids.com Also, please “like” us on Facebook at www.facebook. com/2wheels4kids.


Jack Broomall (left) with Justin Prann (right), dealer principal at Pandora’s European Motorsports in Chattanooga, Tenn. Shown with the BMW S1000RR, which was to become the Bonneville racer.

Jack Broomall (left) with Justin Prann (right), dealer principal at
Pandora’s European Motorsports in Chattanooga, Tenn. Shown
with the BMW S1000RR, which was to become the Bonneville