The Tony Stewart Foundation and Tony Stewart proudly support Austin Hatcher Foundation

Diversionary Therapy can be the oasis in the challenging trek through pediatric cancer treatment, a

much-needed respite from the daunting challenges facing a child and their family members.

The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer has placed its own, unique spin on Diversionary

Therapy, using a racing-themed approach that amounts to flat-out fun for the beneficiaries.

The Foundation visits hospitals with fun in tow, in the form of its signature Pinewood Derby miniature

race cars that young patients build, then race on a special track. Patients and their families have both

construction and competition, in one day.

We’re talking about special days, like the one that transpired recently at the T.C. Thompson Children’s

Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee.Young oncology patient Rachael Wyatt and her father Kenneth

participated in the derby car “build” and quite simply, had a blast.

Fuel for the fun: Kenneth is a longtime, huge NASCAR fan, a Dale Earnhardt man, primarily. His interest

in NASCAR is shared by his daughter.

As for her favorite driver … Danica Patrick, of course.

The hospital visit by the Foundation, “was just a real stress reliever,” said Kenneth. And the chance to

assemble and race the cars with his daughter, well, “that was just priceless.”

Racheal said the day was “really fun” partly because, she added with a giggle, she was better than her

farther at building the cars.

The Wyatts, who live in Calhoun, Georgia, have come to cherish the Foundation and its Hatch’s House of

Hope facility in Chattanooga. “They’ve really helped us,” Kenneth said. “they’ve helped my wife

tremendously. This has all been such a whirlwind since Racheal was diagnosed with cancer [last fall].”

The Foundation’s assistance comes in many forms. Perhaps the most visible – and one of the most

valuable – is evident in the attitude of young Racheal.

Her mother Debra describes her little girl’s resolve succinctly.

“This cancer …. it isn’t getting her down.”

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