Name: IASO, Greek Goddess of Cures, Remedies, and Modes of Healing


Summary: October 21, 2019 criminals broken into the Austin Hatcher Foundation’s facility in Chattanooga Tennessee and stole two customized vehicles built by children recovering from cancer and their families. The vehicles were customized as part of the Foundation’s unique STEM-based therapy programs designed to offset the negative effects of life-saving treatments on the child with cancer and their families. These vehicles were ultimately consigned to be auctioned with Leake Auction, America’s first collector car company, inaugural Scottsdale event at Salt River Fields during the 2020 Automobile Auction week to generate funds to provide the therapies. 


To recover from the Foundations losses, the foundation, their partners, and the families they serve have rallied together to create a 2020 Gladiator IASO consigned to be auctioned during prime time with

Leake Auction January 18, 2020

Interested Vendor Participation Contact: 

Jonathan Myren; Director of Industrial Arts 


Fully Loaded Interiors

Goodyear Commercial Tire

& Service Center


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