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Chattanooga, TN, USA

Chattanooga, TN, USA

Automotive and Motorsports Manager

Full Time

Chattanooga, TN, USA


The Automotive and Motorsports Manager will oversee all automotive and motorsports events for AHF.
This position will build relationships within the motorsports and automotive industries. Selected fan
activation, auction and fundraising events will be conducted with the coordination of this individual,
including the management of event volunteers for these events.


  • Evangelize the AHFPC mission

  • Build strategic automotive and motorsport relationships to benefit the organization

  • Understand AHFPC brand, mission, and business cycle

  • Event Management

    • Coordinate the on-site logistics of selected automotive and motorsports events

    • Travel to and work onsite at selected events, overseeing volunteer staff

    • Maintain a comprehensive project matrix indicating project status and budget directives

    • Provide input in the creation of budget and schedules of selected events in collaboration

    • Work with AHFPC staff to establish AHFPC processes and procedures to improve

    • Complete post event documents and critique event effectiveness

    • Assist in connecting individuals to the event via social media

    • Collaborate with AHF staff to identify and add creative elements for each event

    • Assist AHF in negotiating with vendors and event partners to achieve the best and most

  • Event Partnerships/Sponsorships

    • Identify strategic partnerships to broaden AHF brand exposure at events

    • Seek and develop partnerships that result in actionable items at events

    • Seek sponsorship and partnerships for all automotive and motorsports events

    • Seek automotive parts for Industrial Arts builds at AHF

  • Marketing

    • Identify partners for event-marketing initiatives

    • Collaborate with AHF staff to create selected event-marketing plan

    • Utilize selected event-marketing initiatives to find new business channels

  • Fundraising

    • Create, generate, and execute donation initiatives at selected events

    • Generate positive financial results

    • Secure sponsors for select events

    • Communication

    • Responsible for keeping event spreadsheet updated (where applicable)

    • Responsible for keeping AHFPC Staff informed and updated prior, during and after

  • Financials

    • Accountable and responsible for collecting, recording, and submitting all income generated at selected events.

    • Responsible for submitting anticipated cost estimates at least four weeks prior to

    • Responsible for ensuring all financial documentation is legible, concise, and clearly


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