Why Should My School Participate?

Benefits of Participating

  • A fun, friendly competition for kids giving back to kids

  • Children are actively involved and helping others they may or may not know who are affected by pediatric cancer

  • Children gain confidence, improved communication skills, learn about personal responsibility, and practice math and finance skills

How Does the Money Raised Benefit the Children and Families of the Foundation?

  • Every cent is important and adds up to make a large impact! For example:

  • $250 provides a family with diversionary therapy, which promotes leisure, recreation, and play during their time of need

  • $500 provides 150 children with the foundation's Healthy Lifestyle Education program, which informs children about healthy lifestyle choices that can reduce their risk for certain cancers in the future

  • $1,000 provides one pediatric cancer patient, their sibling, or family member with one-on-one counseling

After the Collection

  • Money will be collected and counted by the foundation to see what your school raised throughout the week or month

  • We provide your school with the final total, along with a recap of what services this allows us to provide

  • We can also provide total information on what has been raised to date through all schools participating in Sock It for Kids With Cancer

Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer 

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