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Grief Test

Am I grieving correctly?

I never knew it would hurt as much as it does!

My grief and life feel out of control I am soooo angry!

I experience tightness in my throat and heaviness in my chest. I feel relieved and this makes me feel guilty

My sleep is interrupted most nights and this makes life hard I am either not eating or eating too much! Concentration is so hard right now. What is wrong with me? My mind is on a merry go round and will not stop! I feel that “it” is not real. This is a nightmare and not a reality I cry at unexpected times and do not want others to see me when I am upset or feeling my feelings especially around my children. I sometimes sense my loved one’s presence, like hearing their voice. Am I crazy??? People don’t know what to say to me when they see me. Sometimes this feels so uncomfortable. I feel that I have “grief cooties”!

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