Chief Program Officer

Full Time - Chattanooga, TN
Full Time - Chattanooga, TN

About this Role

The role of Chief Program Officer is to oversee program growth and sustainability in the organization's clinical department. This role will include reviewing budgets for patient care services, oversee employee schedules and productivity, supervising all clinical administrative tasks, long and short-term programs and patient needs

This role is part of the Austin Hatcher Foundation Senior Leadership Team responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating AHF programs that align with the organization's mission and goals. The Chief Program Officer is responsible to ensure efficient resource allocation, monitor program performance, and assess outcomes. They work closely with stakeholders, partners, and cross-functional teams to drive innovation, evaluate program effectiveness, and make data-driven decisions.

The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer’s mission is to erase the effects of pediatric cancer and optimize each child’s quality of life through essential specialized intervention beginning at the time of diagnosis and continuing throughout survivorship.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement plans and objectives for the clinical departments in an effective and innovative fashion
  • Oversee and coordinate daily operations throughout the clinical team
  • Maintain compliance with external regulations and internal policies
  • Assess and report progress in meeting department objectives
  • Oversee staffing needs (e.g. interviewing, hiring, new hire and ongoing training, annual evaluations, performance reviews and one-on-ones, etc.)
  • Participate in budget development and monitoring of expenses within the clinical department
  • Oversee execution of clinical events and conferences as needed
  • Monthly EMR Audits
  • Generate necessary clinical reports for the executive team; read subordinates' reports
  • Oversee clinical compliance with legal guidelines, policies, and quality standards
  • Ensure all provider's medical records and other care-related documentation are up-to-date
  • Oversee and Audit accurate record-keeping for all clinical staff
  • Responsible for monitoring clinical staff duties and performance
  • Provide training for all medical staff
  • Participate in the performance review process for all program staff
  • Responsible for maintaining a team-based work environment
  • Act as a liaison between staff and interdisciplinary teams
  • Manage paperwork and health records alongside Patient Navigator
  • Long and Short Term strategic plan
  • Consulting: Consulting with the CEO, executive director, and other executive managers to improve existing programs and services
  • Planning: Planning or coordinating new programs
  • Managing: Managing program implementation and funding
  • Design: Designing outreach programs or job training courses
  • Coordination: Leading, managing, and coordinating the work of multiple program areas
  • Cross-coordination: Ensuring successful cross-coordination between program areas and with other AHF departments


  • BA or BS degree or equivalent experience
  • Ability to work independently, with minimal supervision
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Excellent team-building skills
  • Must complete a criminal background check and drug screen
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Ability to walk, bend, hear, see and lift 25 pounds
  • Weekend and evening availability
  • Regional travel
  • Significant work experience as a department manager or similar position
  • A thorough understanding of healthcare procedures and protocols is essential for success in this role.
  • Strong working knowledge of performance and clinical operations management
  • Familiarity with industry regulations and quality standards
  • Solid computer skills, including Microsoft Office and relational databases and software
  • Exceptional communication and public speaking skills
  • Exceptional Electronic Medical Record keeping skills.
  • Solid understanding of CPT Codes and Billing
  • Outstanding leadership and organizational skills
  • Competent collaborator and skilled cross-functional communicator
  • Responsible for planning, organizing, and directing of the Foundation’s programs
  • Develops and implements consistent inventory and cost clinical policies, procedures, and reports/metrics
  • Provides leadership to and manages the efforts of staff to ensure appropriate support of the clinical department
  • In-depth knowledge of policies and regulations in the clinical field
  • Skilled manager with experience and comfort interacting with senior executives

Success Metrics

  • Implement Research Program
  • Develop and implement new programs
  • Incremental growth in patient volume
  • Satisfactory reports on guest surveys
  • Identify and recommend new service opportunities to the program committee