No matter where you are in your journey,
we are here for you and walk beside you.

We fight for thrivers, survivors, and honor the taken.

Join the community.

"Hatch's Hero" is a community-based advocacy program. As a Hatch's Hero, you are joining a community of remarkable children and families who have shown incredible courage and resilience in the face of childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer is a journey that extends beyond diagnosis, impacting every individual family member uniquely. Recognizing the need for tailored solutions to address these challenges for every member of the family, the Austin Hatcher Foundation’s “Hatch’s Hero” program is committed to providing support for the entire family, unique resources, and a platform for your voice.

Become a Hatch’s Hero!

Join a community of fighters andreceive your hero box.

Hatch's Heroes will have access to a range of special opportunities, including participation in signature family events, access to online childhood cancer resources, and fun activities sent by the Austin Hatcher Foundation. The program aims to celebrate the uniqueness of each family's childhood cancer story while offering support and community every step of the way.

“Anyone in the family is a Hatch’s Hero, whether you’re in current pediatric cancer treatment, a survivor, or a sibling or parent of someone affected by a childhood cancer diagnosis, which includes those who have lost their family member to pediatric cancer. We invite the entire family to join our Hatch’s Hero community.”

- Amy Jo Osborn, CEO of the Austin Hatcher Foundation

What's in the box?

A group of young children playing a game of soccer.

Wear your cape!

Provided for all adults and children in a family unit.

A table topped with lots of different colored crayons.
derby car

Race the track!

Provided for children in a family unit.

Family testimony

“You don’t have to navigate the difficulties and effects of childhood cancer alone. No matter where families are in their journey, the Austin Hatcher Foundation is here for you!”

- Megan Smith, Osteosarcoma survivor