Blog Post | Jul 07, 2020

5 Steps for Parent/Guardian Self Care

By Catie Whiting, LCSW
By The Austin Hatcher Foundation
5 Steps for Parent/Guardian Self Care

As parents/guardians we continue to find our “new normal” during the constant changes of the world we currently live in. It is very important that we find time to take care of ourselves, which is easier said than done.

One of my favorite reminders is when the flight attendants say ‘please make sure to place your own oxygen mask prior to assisting the others around you’.

It is crucial that we take a few minutes each day to care for ourselves, focusing on our mental and physical health. For we are the backbone of our family systems and must continue to stand strong!

Here are five simple steps to encourage self care for ourselves and our children!

1. Connect with your support network

• Connect with at least ONE of your support people each day. It is 2020, use technology!

  Whatever it takes to find someone OUTSIDE of your home to say hi to!

2. Maintain your physical health

• Get plenty of sleep

• Stay on top of your water intake

• Eat healthier

• Stay active and exercise

3. Embrace quality time alone

• 15 minutes alone (without screens). This might be time alone in your closet eating candy,

  a walk outside, a phone call with a friend, or just a long shower.

4. Believe that you deserve GRACE

• Give yourself a little grace. It is a wild world we are living in, give yourself a pat on the

  back each day and say “I did my best”. We are all in this together!

5. Invest in quality time with your children

• 30 minutes a day (without screens) participating in a child lead activity. Pull out those card

  games, blocks or even the basketball! It is important for our children to have our

  undivided attention for a few minutes each day. This is easier said than done, but

  remember quality can be more beneficial than quantity.

For more tips for parents/guardians view the Child Mind Institute's Parent Resource Guide