Blog Post | Jun 15, 2019

A Look at Landon

By Adelaide Huffman
By The Austin Hatcher Foundation
A Look at Landon

You would never guess by looking into Landon’s sparkling blue eyes that she once was at risk of losing them. At eleven months old, Landon was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer in both of her eyes. Under the shock of the diagnosis and expecting their second girl, her parents Sarah and Dave sat in disbelief. How could this happen to their child? They were immediately sent to Vanderbilt hospital, where they began a fairly new form of treatment called inter-arterial chemotherapy. This treatment would hopefully allow Landon to keep her eyes and vision, rather than having them removed, which was the decades-old standard treatment for her type of cancer.

“I’ll never forget that moment,” Sarah said, remarking on the first treatments by Dr. Anthony Daniels at Vanderbilt.

“Dr. Daniels made it his goal to save both eyes, refusing to conform to the normal route of removing them.” The efforts of Daniels and Vanderbilt Hospital were amazingly successful, as Landon now celebrates over a year of being cancer-free!

If it took three words to describe Landon, her parents would say she’s always loving, laughing, and looking. Never satisfied with what just meets the eye, her bright eyes are always searching for answers to her many curiosities. She is a friend to all, and a friend of all, pouring out her love by making sure everyone has a reason to laugh. Landon loves the “special treats” she gets at the Austin Hatcher Foundation on Parents Days and Nights Out and is never quite ready to go home when it’s over.

The Austin Hatcher Foundation strives to focus on the entire family, as they are all in this together when facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis. It’s immensely hard on the child, which is why the foundation offers services to help them thrive during and after treatment. The effects that such a traumatic experience has on the parents and siblings can’t be overlooked either, which is why every member of the family can utilize the no-cost services at the foundation. For Dave and Sarah, the Austin Hatcher Foundation has been invaluable in providing Parents Days and Nights Out, which Sarah says gives her and her husband “a much-needed break to work on our marriage after something so devastating.”

“We are so grateful for the love and support we receive from AHF!”