Press Release | Nov 27, 2023

AHF Welcomes New Staff Members Enhancing Support Services for Families Affected by Pediatric Cancer

By Austin Hatcher Foundation
By The Austin Hatcher Foundation
AHF Welcomes New Staff Members Enhancing Support Services for Families Affected by Pediatric Cancer
  • Dr. Michelle Fast joins as the Foundation’s Licensed Psychologist to provide neurocognitive testing
  • Cameron Webb joins to provide music lessons for families affected by childhood cancer

Chattanooga, Tenn. (Nov. 27, 2023) – The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer (AHF) proudly announces the addition of two new team members dedicated to enriching the support services offered to families coping with pediatric cancer.

Dr. Fast will provide neurocognitive testing for families facing childhood cancer

Dr. Michelle Fast joins the foundation as its new psychologist, specializing in neurocognitive testing for children undergoing chemotherapy treatment. With a focus on measuring cognitive abilities, attention, problem-solving skills, memory and social aptitude.  Dr. Fast's expertise empowers families to better comprehend the impact of chemotherapy on their diagnosed child. Through neurocognitive testing services at AHF, families gain insights into existing strengths and targeted areas for growth. These assessments lay a foundation for success across various settings, aiding families in navigating and optimizing their child's development amidst the pediatric cancer journey.

In addition to providing neurocognitive testing directly to pediatric cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment, Dr. Fast will also provide assessments to the siblings of those cancer patients experiencing any social, behavioral, or academic struggles.

Dr. Fast is a distinguished professional with an Educational Specialist degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Fast brings valuable experience in the field of psychology to the foundation's interdisciplinary clinical team and families.

“I am honored to be a part of such an amazing team and to use my personal and professional experiences to help such a worthy cause,” said Dr. Fast. “I cannot wait to play a part in helping the children and families affected by pediatric cancer.”

Additionally, the foundation welcomes Cameron Webb, a Chattanooga native, as part of its team offering music lessons. With nine years of expertise in piano, drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, Webb extends his musical skills to families affected by childhood cancer. Music therapy sessions, as well as any of AHF’s clinical services, are open to anyone within a family impacted by pediatric cancer, including parents, siblings, childhood cancer survivors and those in current treatment.

Music therapy holds immense benefits for individuals navigating the challenges of cancer treatment. Through music lessons, individuals find a unique form of expression, emotional release and relaxation. The therapeutic effects of music contribute significantly to emotional well-being, resilience and overall quality of life, which is what AHF works to enhance for families navigating the cancer journey.

"I've been able to see firsthand the impact that the Austin Hatcher Foundation has on families experiencing the effects of pediatric cancer and the joy that comes from being around their amazing staff,” said Webb. “It is such an honor to be given the opportunity to share my passion for teaching music and align that with the mission of the foundation."

The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer is dedicated to providing 100%-free, comprehensive coordinated care for the entire family facing childhood cancer. Evidence-based services such as occupational therapy, counseling, grief groups, art and music therapy, family programs, educational resources and more are offered to all members of the family by a licensed clinical staff. For more information about AHF and its comprehensive support services, visit