Blog Post | Jun 13, 2023

Julia's Story (Video): Life after Chemo & the Austin Hatcher Foundation's Services

By Julia M.
By The Austin Hatcher Foundation
Julia's Story (Video): Life after Chemo & the Austin Hatcher Foundation's Services

On Saturday, June 3, Julia shared her cancer story and her story about "life after chemotherapy"in the community for National Cancer Survivors Day. We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished! Continuing with AHF's features for National Cancer Survivors Month, we wanted to highlight Julia by sharing this short clip from her 15-minute speech.

To all cancer survivors out there, we celebrate you and your family for all you have been through! And we know that the journey doesn’t end after beating cancer. Survivors often face ongoing challenges and deficits as a result from their treatment, which is one area where AHF steps in to provide specialized support and intervention.

AHF provides the following services and more for not only cancer patients' families, but also cancer survivors' families:

  • Art-Based Therapy (Individual and Group)
  • Case Management  
  • Counseling
  • Couple's Counseling  
  • Family Counseling
  • Financial Counseling
  • Parent-Child Interactive Therapy
  • Development of cognitive skills
  • Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Drivers Education  
  • Diversionary Therapy  
  • After-School Enrichment Activities
  • Family Events  
  • Kids Camp
  • Parents Day Out  
  • Parents Night Out  
  • Group Therapy  
  • Industrial Arts Therapy
  • Group Education
  • Industrial Arts Therapy
  • Vehicle Buildout  
  • General Industrial Arts Therapy
  • Late Effects Clinic  
  • Music Therapy (Individual and Group)
  • Neuropsychological Testing & Report  
  • Occupational Therapy
  • OT Community work/reintegration training  
  • OT evaluation  
  • OT family education  
  • OT lymphedema treatment  
  • OT Manual therapy techniques  
  • OT Neuromuscular re-education  
  • OT Self care  
  • OT Sensory integrative techniques for processing
  • OT Therapeutic Activity  
  • OT Wheelchair management  
  • OT-Cognitive Function  
  • Psychosocial Rounds  
  • Purposeful Activity Therapy
  • School Meeting / Individualized Education Program Advocacy
  • Tutoring