Press Release | Mar 03, 2023

Recreational Therapist Joins Austin Hatcher Foundation Clinical Team

By Austin Hatcher Foundation
By The Austin Hatcher Foundation
Recreational Therapist Joins Austin Hatcher Foundation Clinical Team

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (March 3, 2023) – The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer expands their clinical team with the addition of Recreational Therapist, Mindy Brown.

As a Recreational Therapist, Brown administers individualized assessments, treatment plans, treatment implementation and evaluation in order to restore, remediate and/or rehabilitate specific aspects of physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social functioning in patients at the Austin Hatcher Foundation. Not only is she the newest advocate for these families dealing with the effects of pediatric cancer, but she is here to improve functioning and independence in their life activities.

“I love that the Austin Hatcher Foundation focuses on holistic wellness for children, siblings and their parents, providing opportunities to treat the whole person and not just the individual diagnosis,” said Brown. “I am grateful to be a part of the team, and look forward to providing meaningful and engaging experiences for the kids- while also addressing their mental, social, emotional, physical and leisure needs to ensure they are getting to experience the highest quality of life.”

Brown received both her B.S. and M.S. in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Prior to joining the Austin Hatcher Foundation, Mindy’s experience has primarily focused on individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and in the in-patient behavioral health setting.

"The interdisciplinary clinical team at the Austin Hatcher Foundation works through treatment plans to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety; recover motor functioning and reasoning abilities; improve cognitive and behavioral deficits; build confidence; and socialize effectively," said Foundation CEO, Amy Jo Osborn.  "Recreational Therapy is another essential piece of the puzzle to ensure that every family member reaches their full potential through the pediatric cancer journey."

The Austin Hatcher Foundation’s mission is to erase the effects of pediatric cancer for entire families by providing essential specialized intervention beginning at the time of a child’s diagnosis and continuing through survivorship of the whole family. Families of the Foundation are provided with services such as mental and behavioral health therapy, occupational therapy, neuro-cognitive testing, grief counseling, family programs and more at absolutely no cost to them.

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