Press Release | Jan 13, 2021

Three New Board Members Join Austin Hatcher Foundation

By Austin Hatcher Foundation
By The Austin Hatcher Foundation
Three New Board Members Join Austin Hatcher Foundation

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Jan. 13, 2021) – The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer is welcoming three new members to its board of directors in 2021. These individuals are experts in their respective fields and bring decades of business management experience to their roles as board members.

The first member being added is Eric Fuller, President and CEO of U.S. Xpress. He has a 21-year career with U.S. Xpress and was named President and CEO in 2017. In this role, his focus is driving the digital transformation of a traditionally low-technology industry by using machine learning and behavioral science. Fuller’s background will provide vital insight as the foundation grows to new service areas.

“I believe in the mission of the Austin Hatcher Foundation,” Fuller said. “I hope my experience running a large business can provide value to the foundation as they look to expand their reach.”

The second new addition is Rose Kawasaki, Vice President of Exports International. She has 33 years of business management experience and volunteering in the non-profit sector. Through her role with Exports International, she has developed strong ties to the automotive community and aftermarket industry, which she brings to the foundation’s Industrial Arts Therapy division. She was the Chairwoman of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Businesswomen’s Network and the Vehicle Build Chairwoman for the 2012 SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women. Through her guidance, the vehicle’s marketing campaign in New York City’s Times Square received the prestigious Regan Advertising Award.

“I’ve always felt a connection with the community approach that’s at the core of the foundation’s vision,” Kawasaki said. “Providing these children with meaningful programs also allows us to care for the family unit, which is where my heart is. I look forward to working with the rest of the team to heighten awareness of pivotal programs, along with the needs of the foundation.”

Albert Leavengood is the third addition to the foundation’s board. He has a 22-year career at Cigna, where he currently serves as an Operations Leader and helps create a multi-year service strategy. Both Albert and his wife Karen have been supporters and volunteers of the foundation for over eight years. Through his career in healthcare and corporate responsibility, Leavengood brings valued knowledge that will help the foundation create new and impactful partnerships with businesses on a large scale.

“I’m looking forward to serving families impacted by pediatric cancer, not only in Chattanooga but in many communities throughout the U.S.,” Leavengood said. “Being involved for as long as we have, we’ve seen the foundation grow and serve patients in a meaningful way throughout the country. I hope I can be part of spreading the news about the important work the foundation does.”

The Austin Hatcher Foundation would also like to extend gratitude to the two outgoing board members, Rogan Fry and Gary Pulfus, who have served as valued members of the board and provided their time, talents, and expertise to the governance of the foundation.